Sharing quality of life

The principles of organic food consumption can be applied to different parts of our society. It improves the health of people, animals, plants, soil and of our only and indivisible planet. It also creates relationships which assure justice and the development of opportunities for all individuals.

Our name bioQualis represents all of these principles and ideas which are the basis of our job:

The Greek term “bio” means “life”. It expresses the use of natural elements and processes which are a reflection of a “natural” system.

Qualis refers to the concept of “quality” related to equilibrium, equity and the quality of life which comes from organic produce.

This noun is written in lower-case letters and symbolizes the words of the philosopher E.F. Schumacher “the small is beautiful”. We believe in teamwork and in properly using natural and local resources.

The blue color of our logo represents “blue economy”: to make good use of natural resources in order to achieve higher levels of efficacy by respecting the environment and by translating the logic which lies in ecosystems into the entrepreneurial world.

Concept of “shared value”: Because of the triple crisis we are experiencing (financial, energetic and climatic), we want to create a transitional economy, more resilient to changes, beneficial for businesses and everyone.